We are two Indigenous businesswomen who have a passion for our culture and family; achieving our goals; and connecting with like-minded people. 


As a new age of businesswomen, we face a unique set of complex challenges and responsibilities.

How do we balance our career goals with our commitment to family and culture?

How do we better express to people what we have to offer?

How do we help the next generation realise their potential?

We found ourselves asking these questions, and knew that there had to be more women out there who were feeling the same way. 

Our solution: Indigenous Women in Business. 



A little about us...

Rebecca Blurton

Rebecca is a small business consultant living in Melbourne. She is currently working on two start-ups of her own. Having previously managed and coordinated Indigenous employment initiatives and economic development programs, she’s passionate about equality and Indigenous self-determination. Rebecca hopes to make an impact in Australia on closing the gap for women and Indigenous people.



Jen Day

Jen has a broad range of experiences as a veterinarian, professional athlete and business development/stakeholder manager at a Perth-based not-for-profit organisation. Jen's role at the not-for-profit organisation specifically supported the achievement of social and community outcomes in metropolitan and regional WA and NT communities through the development of sporting clubs, schools and volunteer associations. Jen is currently studying her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Melbourne Business School and is commencing a two year internship as a Strategic Analyst at Telstra in May 2015.

Jen is passionate about helping Indigenous youth realise their potential and Jen hopes to make an impact in Australia by unleashing the leadership potential of young Indigenous women in Australian business.